A new home page!

The home page of ruml.com has been an embarrassment for several years now.  I’ve been working on a new design which is now up in a semi-finished form.  Since it points to this blog, I’ll try to post a bit more regularly.


HILR course given during Fall 2015

Looks like I haven’t posted for a while so this will get us somewhat up-to-date.  My study group course An Intellectual History of Judaism and Christianity was approved for the Fall of 2015 and I very much enjoyed leading it.  The study group members were very well prepared with several fluent in Hebrew which came in handy more than once.  While it took several weeks for us to “gel” as a group, it was a lively time each week thereafter.  Everyone became accustomed to the question “What’s the most fundamental difference between Judaism and Christianity?” but it took longer before the answer (“cosmic monism vs. cosmic dualism”) was  accepted.

I’ve been pondering whether to lead a group addressing Rawl’s A Theory of Justice in the fall of 2016.